Santander is a department of Colombia. Santander inherited the name of Santander – a name of heroes, of the independence wars, and one of the nine original states of the  United States of Colombia.  It is located in the central northern part of the country, east of the Magdalena River, bordered to the south and southeast by Boyacá, to the northeast by Northern Santander Department, to the north by  Cesar Department, and to the west by  Bolivar and  Antioquia Departments.  Its capital is the city of Bucaramanga.

Santander  is, one of its most ravishing  regions, with plains, mountains, canyons, rivers and caves. It offers many different climates, most warm to temperate, and in some places strong winds that have molded the rock faces to their own designs.

The wild and unpredictable geography of Santander creates the sort of scenario that adventure sports-lovers really enjoy. 200ft high waterfalls, caves with many levels of difficulty, rock faces for the climbers, rushing and unpredictable rivers and steep tracks up the mountainsides for the trekkers.