The Pacific Region is one of the five major natural regions of the Colombian geography. The Pacific region covers the area near the Pacific Ocean in Colombia that contains certain endemic species and ecosystems accompanied by Colombian cultural influence.

With a yearly rainfall above 10,000 cm³, the 1,300 km long Pacific Coast of Colombia is one of the most humid regions on the planet. To the north, where the Baudó Range drops into the ocean giving shape to bays and coves, the Colombian Pacific rainforest showcases great biodiversity. The southern part, bathed by copious rivers, is generally flatter, except for its cliffs. Beaches are bordered by mangroves in the Colombian Pacific rainforest.

The islands of Gorgona and Gorgonilla are a national natural park just 56 km off the coast and, naturally, fauna and flora sanctuaries. The islet of Malpelo, a huge crag that emerges from the ocean surround by surprising underwater life, is 300 km off the coast. Other great choices, to enjoy calm and peaceful holidays.