Cali is known in Colombia as the capital of fiestas, street partying, dancing, and salsa as Cali`s Salsa Clubs are among the most famous in the entire continent. Among many other things you can experience on your vacations, the people from Cali have developed a playful and hedonistic culture in harmony with the natural surroundings and country life.

Capital of the department of Valle del Cauca has become a Mecca for tourism thanks to the beauty of its women.

The climate of Cali is equatorial tropical hot. The west branch of the Andes blocks the cool, humid air coming from the Pacific Ocean. Average temperature is 26º C (79º F), with an average low of 19º C (66º F) and an average high of 34º C (93º F). The dry seasons go from December to March and from July to August; the rainy season go from April to June and September to November. The altitude of Cali is 1003 meters (3290 ft.) above sea level.