Amazonas is a department of Colombia in the south of the country. Its capital is Leticia. Its name comes from the  Amazon River that drains much in the department and the rainforest that covers a large part of the department. With the largest tropical rainforest and the most copious river in the world, the Amazonas Jungle we share with our neighbors is another of Colombia’s treasures. It is a prodigious place, not only for the aboriginal people that inhabit it and the sheer size of the river, but also for the life it spawns and nurtures on land and water.

In the Colombian part of a region many call Amazonia; Leticia is a hospitable and comfortable city, surrounded by paths that lead to fascinating places in the Amazonas jungle, making it the main travel destination in the area.

The Colombian Amazon Jungle is a traditional destination for scientists interested in learning from Indian shamans the secrets of “talking” with nature. The world normally sees the Amazonas Jungle as a reserve of oxygen, but it is much more than that: it is home to a very special people and a living laboratory of plant and animal life..